How to Unlock PSP ?

Want to unlock your PSP , to play downloaded games , homebrew applications , emulators and lot of other custom goodies ?

Scared of voiding your warranty by using mod chips , pandora battery or a magic memory stick ? We have a way to unlock your PSP without going through all that hassles and even without voiding your warranty. Keep reading below to know how….

Before we go any where with this , I would like to repeat this method to unlock PSP does not involve any hardware changes like modchips , pandora battery or magic memory stick.  You’ll not have to open up your PSP at all during the whole process which simplifies the process a great deal.  This process basically involves copying our custom coded file and installing it on your PSP. Can it get any simple ?

Watch the video for a Tiny miny  Unlock PSP Demonstration .

Before I tell you in detail what all exactly happened in the video , I would like you to know why exactly you should not opt in for the mod chips …

You might not want to use modchips to unlock psp for two particular reasons. Any hardware modifications to the PSP voids the warranty for your PSP. Unless you know what exactly you are doing , you are putting a lot to risk. There is a high Probability that you might ‘Screw up’ and if you do screw up, you can’t send your PSP back to the SONY because they would just not accept it, because you just nulled your warranty .

Another good reason would be just because its not easy to install and execute . It involves opening up your PSP and soldering parts to it and removing certain parts. It is just so easy to make a mistake and null your warranty. Take my advice , Don’t do it unless you are a professional.

How to unlock psp without a modchip, pandora battery and magic memory stick ?

Like I mentioned earlier ,  its just like copy-pasting few files into your PSP and installing them. Its that simple. It is much more easier then soldering a mod chip into your PSP. It leaves a close to none margin for error.

What are these files and where do I get them to unlock psp ?

These files are basically files that patch the PSP system to run copied games and other homebrew applications and is readily available on the net. But I would like to warn you they are all infected with some virus , malwares or trojans. I ve had my computer busted thrice.  To get these files I would like to recommend you Playbrew Station. The reason why love these people is because they guarantee their files are safe and functional.  They are a full proof company and stand by their product unlike some random site on the internet where you downloaded these files from which are often infected with viruses.  They even provide you a nice instruction manual which guides you step by step through the process. Yes, its costs a few bucks but still I rather spend that money on the manual and files then getting my computer busted by some infected file.

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Why I Recommend Playbrew Station to Unlock Your PSP ??

Download How to Unlock PSP ? iso

  • Easy to use. No mod chip, Pandora Battery, or Magic Memory Stick is needed.
  • Comes with an instruction manual to guide you through the whole process.
  • Works on all firmware versions 5.03 and lower. This includes PSP, and PSP Slim.
  • Files are 100% safe and secure.
  • Play copied and downloaded free psp games , PSP ISOs and PSP CSOs.
  • Play Homebrew games and applications.
  • Play region locked games.
  • Very affordable. Only $29 which is cheaper than buying ONE game for the PSP.
  • Play Sega Genesis, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and games from lots of other consoles.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason at all you aren’t happy with Playbrew Station, they will give you a full refund with no questions asked.

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There is absolutely no point waiting any longer.  You rather spend a few bucks then downloading potential viruses to your PC and having all your files deleted and personal information stolen.  To unlock your PSP the easiest way I would like to recommend your Playbrew Station . Its just a brilliant site with safe files and brilliant manual which will enable you to unlock your PSP in a matter of minutes.  What the hell are you waiting for ? Buy Playbrew Station Now !!!