Time Travelers

Created by the staff behind Fuusa sareta Shibuya 428, Time Travellers promises to be an adventure unlike any other.

The stage is set in 2031, 18 years after an explosion that blast a hole through the Tokyo sky. Instead of sliding into a slump, people tapped into the energy from this hole and turned Tokyo into an even bigger metropolis.

Everything seems fine, holograms and entertainment are everywhere, however, this fragile peace is about to be shattered by a bus-hijack.

Five seemingly unrelated people, a reporter, a high school student, a hero wannabe, a scientist and a policeman are key players who might be able to save the world from the next apocalypse. Each of them meets a girl called Mikoto. However, Mikotos look like different people. Find out the link between all the Mikotos, how to save the world, and enjoy all branches of the quirky story.

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