In the PSP version of the new �Pink Timeless pieces: a new tradition by Ji Yu future debris� (Hiiro no Kakera: Shingyoku Yorihime Denshou � Piece of Future), players can choose to love AVG�s part of the Raiders in which six young people, and through continuous and heavy over the fate of the obstacles to deepen mutual tie him down. The male role players will be selected to become players in the final partner, and together move toward a different outcome. The game�s basic form is the conventional form of AVG to read the article, but according to the choice of different players will be making the story divided, and enter the exclusive role of the Raiders line. And in this as long as it is seen also equipped with a line, you can jump directly to your favorite function want to see pictures of the new �line jump function� and so on. And the game also features allow players to confirm each other�s favorability, and so the features that make first contact, �Timeless� series, gamers can easily get started.

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